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The Gift of Good Health for All

I first started taking Shaklee products when I was in high school. And today, as a 37-year-old housewife with seven beautiful children, I’m still an ardent Shaklee fan. All my pregnancy journeys have been smooth, but it didn’t start out that way. In 2000, doctors told me I’d have difficulty conceiving because of internal health problem — but I was determined to be a mother! So, after trying out various Shaklee products and adopting a healthier lifestyle, I was blessed with my first child in 2007.

I’ve since had seven wonderful pregnancies. With Shaklee products such as Vita-Lea, B Complex, Sustained Release Vita C, ESP Soy Protein, Ostematrix, OmegaGuard and Lecithin, I’m able to make sure my baby gets the important nutrients it needs during development. My pregnancies have also been smooth — no anaemia or low HB. I’ve had extraordinary energy levels throughout my pregnancies, being able to run my organisation and train members up until my 40th week.

When my children were born, I continued with Shaklee Joyful Journey Set and was able to provide them with nutrient-packed breast milk. I recovered quickly during my confinement period and have never faced any major health difficulties.

I believe Shaklee is the reason I’ve been able to have seven blessed pregnancies and to this day, I’m a proud Shaklee entrepreneur. My seven children also take Shaklee products because I want the best for them. Thank you, Shaklee for gifting us the gift of good health!

38, Selangor