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The Best Solution = The Best Outcomes

I had a painful and miserable first childbirth. My wound took so long to heal that it prevented me from breastfeeding my child. I decided that I would search for supplements to help me in my future pregnancies. Moreover, I was constantly fatigued and my skin was dull. In the end, I found Shaklee and I have never looked back since.

I’m now a mother to four beautiful daughters, all given birth via caesarian. With Shaklee’s New Beginnings and Joyful Journey Sets, I never experienced the pain I had during my first pregnancy. My breastfeeding process was smoother, my energy levels were higher, and my skin was radiant as ever! My children were given the best nutrients because I was taking the best nutrients.

I’ve shared my amazing Shaklee Effect because I want to encourage mothers to never give up on their breastfeeding journeys. With the right nutrients and lifestyle choices before and after conception, you would be able to enjoy an amazing motherhood journey.

Now, I work solely on my Shaklee business because it gives the flexibility to care for my family while still giving me a steady income all from the comfort of my own home. It was something my old job could not have given me.

How about you?

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