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The Gift that Keeps On Giving

People always say your skin glows from within. Since I was getting married, I wanted to look my greatest for my wedding. Through my search, I found Shaklee’s Sustained Release Vita-C Plus and I loved it! My skin was supple and radiant. I looked amazing, so I tried ESP Soy Protein, Collagen Powder, Vivix and YOUTH Skin Care to the same effects. The Shaklee Effect was the conviction I needed to build the Shaklee business.

Everyone has their big “Why” for wanting to start a business. Mine was to give my children the opportunities in life that I never got growing up. Shaklee has helped me to achieve that.

Since April 2020, I’ve successfully earned a six-figure monthly income with my organisation, Spectacular. By September 2020, I’ve also produced 12 Master Coordinators that have helped me pave for the success I’ve only ever dreamt of for the organisation.

As a mother, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching my children grow up. With Shaklee, I’ve been given the financial stability and freedom to spend time with my family. I can now even give my parents a bigger allowance. I’m proud and happy to transform the lives of my loved ones.

What I’ve learned through Shaklee is to take advantage of the time gifted and build a success of your own. It’s never too late to start building a healthier and happier life for yourself and your family. It’s what I’ve been given and I’m ever thankful. The moment is now! Seize it!

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