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Success Comes to Those Who Look For It

I’m a mother of three with a medical background. Years ago, I was juggling two jobs (one in medicine, and the other in Shaklee) and I found it difficult because I wanted to be there for my children.

In the end, I chose Shaklee. It isn’t a decision I have come to regret.

I first started supplementing with OsteMatrix and ESP Soy Protein because of spinal pain that had limited my movements. Perhaps it was due to non-supplementation during my first pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was still breastfeeding my child. The effects of a lack of nutrients were apparent!

When I tried Shaklee products, I couldn’t believe it as the Shaklee Effect was astounding! From then on, I’ve been a firm believer of Shaklee products. No pregnant woman should have to suffer in a journey meant to be filled with happy and meaningful moments.

For all mothers and young entrepreneurs out there who one day hope to create their own business, I emphasise this: intentions are very important. Having the right ones are the cornerstone of what makes a business either good or great. For instance, the intention to help people get healthier. I consume the products I share because I believe in its effects — that is my Big Why. My Push Factor is to have more time for my kids and it motivated me in the Shaklee business, earning a 5-figure income in April 2016, only 7 months into the business on a part-time basis.

I call on all of you who have ambitions for greater things: work consistently. Do not give up easily. Success requires sacrifice but trust me, the end results are beyond your imagination. Believe in your own abilities. If I can do it, I believe in you too!

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