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Nourished and Happy Makes for A Healthy Baby!

I’ve never had an easy health journey, but as a loyal Shaklee consumer for over ten years, I’ve been able to conquer and achieve great things. With Shaklee, I’m now able to do daily activities with great ease. And it is also because of the wonderful supplements that I’m able to be the mother I am today.

After the birth of my first child, the doctor told me breastfeeding would be a problem. It was painful not being able as a new mother to provide the nutrition to my child. But I never gave up! With Shaklee’s New Beginnings Set (ESP Soy Protein, Vita-Lea, Sustained Release Vita C, B-Complex and Ostematrix) and my breast pump, I was able to produce 30-40 oz of milk every day. Not only was there a health difference for my child, but I felt different too.

Since then, I’ve been blessed with two more pregnancies. And with Shaklee’s New Beginnings and Joyful Journey Sets, I was able to experience both pregnancies without any major problems. I was able to recover from the surgical wound quickly in less than two weeks. The best part was being able to provide breast milk for both babies.

Young women who wish to be mothers one day should take care of their health and bodies. I believe a healthy mother guarantees a healthy baby — and the only way to achieve that is through good nutrition. And with Shaklee, that is possible!

36, Melaka