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Never Giving Up on My Dream

It’s every wife’s dream to embrace the journey of motherhood and bring a child into the world. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It was something I thought would come easily to me. My husband and I came from big families — it never occurred to us that we may face fertility issues but after years of trying as our dream of parenthood seemed too far to reach.

Both of us had no health issues, but we eventually learned the cause to our fertility issues was our lifestyle: eating at irregular hours, often fast foods with seldom exercise and insufficient sleep. Knowing our troubles, my sister, Ainul, recommended Shaklee to us.

We started with Vivix and the changes were incredible! We felt better and were full of energy! With changes to our lifestyle and consuming Shaklee supplements for 3 months, our hard work was rewarded with my pregnancy!

I continued supplementing my diet with the Shaklee New Beginnings Set. After years with no success, I shared my family’s joy on social media — hoping to inspire others that with the right mindset and nutrients, there would be rewards. Shaklee helped me get those rewards. I’m now a homemaker and a Shaklee Entrepreneur.

In the end, good things will come for those who are prepared. For those who wanted to start a family, don’t give up!

32, Selangor