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My Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

I’m a 29-year-old dentist, a mother to three beautiful children and a successful Shaklee Entrepreneur.

When I first became a Shaklee user, I never thought I would come this far. I was originally looking to boost my energy levels due to my busy work life and unhealthy eating habits. But I have always wanted the best for my family and Vivix® has given me that chance! With better energy levels, I’m able to care for my family better and manage the household with ease.

With Shaklee products supporting my health, I feel that I can do almost anything! I breastfed with ease and had more energy to continue working without struggle. Imagine a mother with two young children and pregnant with the third, still working and building the Shaklee business. Furthermore, I’m able to travel long distances to meet family members as I’m in a long-distance relationship. With this amazing Shaklee Effect, I’ve decided to share the goodness of Shaklee products to others.

Starting as a consumer, Shaklee has given me nothing but amazing moments. Throughout my four years journey with Shaklee, I’ve unlocked many great achievements. What mattered to me most is introducing Shaklee to many moms-to-be or new mothers looking for solutions to the problems they faced during conception and beyond. I’m grateful to be able to touch many lives and help them experience a smoother pregnancy, a healthier life and the opportunity to build a better future.

Look to no other than Shaklee!

29, Selangor