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Mom’s Smarter Choice

From preconception to pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond, it’s a great opportunity for you to develop your child’s health. Take the only healthy fats – omega-3 fatty acids – to build a stronger you and smarter baby.

A sufficient intake of omega-3 plays an essential role in increasing chances of conception by:


  • Regulates menstrual cycle.1
  • Supports normal hormonal response, building a healthy body for better chance of conception.1


  • Might help maintain healthy sperm quality and concentration.2
  • Maintains healthy male reproductive system.3

Omega-3 plays a major role in ensuring pregnant moms to have healthier and smoother pregnancies. Incorporate omega-3 in your daily diet as it:

  • Studies shown that it may reduce the risk of preterm birth.1,4
  • Promotes healthy fetal growth.1
  • Facilitates proper development of eyes, brain structure, immune system and nervous system in baby.1,5

For a speedy recovery and preparation to breastfeed your baby, omega-3:

  • Reduces risk of post-partum depression.
  • Promotes optimal brain development for a smarter baby.5
  • Improves skin health and reduces skin sensitivity.5
  • Improves vision development.6,7
  • Promotes better sleeping patterns.6,7

Did You Know?
Research has shown that mothers who took DHA supplementation during pregnancy had babies with better problem-solving skills at 9 months compared to mothers who did not.4

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