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Health Tips for Moms and Dads-to-be!

Thinking about starting a family? Complete nourishment is key in conception to prepare for the healthiest pregnancy possible. Prep your body with these essential nutrients!

For Moms-to-be

1. Increases Pregnancy Chances
Protein helps you to maintain an optimum body weight, one of the key determinants in maintaining normal hormones level crucial to:

  • Increase implantation chance.
  • Maintain production of healthy egg and sperm.

Consume 65g protein or 2-3 servings of protein, daily.

2. Prevent Baby Defects
Not only B vitamins and folic acid helpful in increasing pregnancy chances, they are also helpful in:

  • Improving the success rate of fertility treatment.
  • Reducing risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

Consume 400mcg of Folic Acid once you’re planning of starting a family.

3. Healthier Hormone Levels
Acting as an antioxidant, vitamin C helps reduce damage in your body due to free radicals and helps in promoting:

  • Healthier ovary function.
  • An optimum level of hormones that promotes healthy uterine thickening to prepare for pregnancy.

4. Improve Fertility
A study done among women showed that high intake of seafood and/or consumption of omega-3 fatty acids supplement helps to:

  • Improve egg’s quality and ovulation rate.
  • Improve fertility rate among women more than 35 years old.

5. Prepares for Fertilisation
Calcium plays a crucial role in the preconception stage as it:

  • Triggers the embryo’s growth process.
  • Creates a conducive environment for fertilisation.

6. Nourish the Body
A study done among women who have ovulation infertility showed that regular consumption of multivitamins and iron helps to:

  • Reduce risk of failure in ovulation.1
  • Promote healthy ovulation cycle.1

7. Healthier Cells for Healthier FUNCTIONS
Acting as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and even anti-ageing properties, growing evidence showed that polyphenols are beneficial in improving ovarian function by:

  • Promoting production of healthy and mature ovum.2
  • Protecting the ovary and eggs against free radical damage.2

For Dads-to-be

1. Power Boost for Sperms
Well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, polyphenols help to:

  • Increase sperm concentration.3
  • Increase sperm motility.3

2. Increases Sperm Energy
Coenzyme Q10 boosts energy in sperm which consequently leads to:

  • Increase in healthy sperm count.4,5
  • Increase in sperm movement.4,5

3. Enhance Healthy Sperms
Needed in a small amount, zinc plays huge role in male’s fertility as it works to:

  • Maintain healthy testosterone levels for healthy sperm production. 6
  • Promote production of normal sperms.6

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