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Get, Set, Ready For Baby!

Trying to conceive or just delivered a baby? Take zinc, an essential trace mineral that does wonders to the body including playing a vital role in conception, helping immune cells fight infections and aiding in wound healing.

Both mom and dad-to-be require multi-nutrients including zinc during preconception phase to increase the chances of conception.


  • Zinc promotes the production of normal sperm and testosterone concentration in men.1
  • Affects prostate and sexual health of men.1
  • Important nutrient in sperm’s count and sperm’s function1 as zinc is present in high concentration in seminal fluid.
  • As heat reduces sperm quality, zinc helps in reducing stress caused by heat to the testis.2
  • Supports sperm motility.3
  • Affect maturity of sperm in testis.4

Supports the development and maturity of ovum prior to ovulation5 to increase chances of conception.

New moms undergo many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Take enough nutrients including zinc to help regain mom’s health and energy during recovery and have a smoother breastfeeding journey.

  • Acts as a key nutrient in supporting mammary gland function for milk synthesis and secretion.6
  • Helps alleviate women’s development of postpartum depression.7
  • Produces new cells and fasten wound healing in both vaginal and cesarean childbirth.
  • Support immune health8 in both mom and baby during breastfeeding.

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