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Beauty on the Inside and Out

As a final year student on a Bachelor of Nutrition degree at UPM, Serdang, I believe internal and external health should never be underestimated. I say this because I used to have severe acne-prone skin that made me unhappy with myself.

I decided to take charge of my health and on the recommendation of my sister, Fatimah, I embraced what Shaklee had to offer: ESP Soy Protein, Sustained Release Vita C, Vita E Complex, Vivix®, Herb-Lax, Alfalfa Complex and Garlic Complex. These supplements, coupled with proper nutrition and sleep, made major differences in my health and I’ve never regretted my relationship with Shaklee since. So much so that I’ve built a Shaklee business and shared my wonderful Shaklee Effect with everyone, and the journey has been great!

To ensure my health – internally and externally – is at optimum levels, I’ve never missed Vivix®, ESP Soy Protein, Sustained Release Vita-C, GLA Complex, OmegaGuard, Herb-Lax and YOUTH™ Skin Care. Why? Because one day, I want to be a mother. And I want to ensure my body has the best nutrients for when that day comes.

As young women venturing into this modern busy world, I believe it’s important for us to care for our external and internal beauty. Because when we do, our confidence soars. And when that happens, we can achieve anything.

23, Kota Bharu