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Achieving Dreams and Greater Rewards

I’m a mother of three. I was a Project Supervisor for 7 years and now a Shaklee Entrepreneur for 9. But most importantly, I’m an achiever and I’ve achieved my dreams through Shaklee.

I first learned of Shaklee through a friend’s social media posts about vitamins for breastfeeding mothers — I was amazed that such a thing existed! As a working mother at the time, I decided to try out their Joyful Journey Set. It has helped me gain higher energy levels and produce quality milk for my child. Finding joy in my discovery, I decided to share my experience on social media as well and have connected with many women going through the same experience.

Shaklee transcends the boundaries of age, occupation, gender and educational background — it isn’t just for breastfeeding mothers. It’s for everyone and anyone who wants to achieve great things. My husband and I are committed to the Shaklee business and through our experiences, we’ve learned a great many valuable things: to be excellent in any field, one should be committed to their goals.

Our success is sweeter when we successfully groomed more mothers and homemakers who earn a 4 to 5-figure monthly income. With Shaklee, it’s a matter of working hard and enjoying amazing returns. I’m able to travel the world, spend time with my children and family, and not have to answer to anyone but myself. I’m my own boss and it’s very rewarding.

I believe Shaklee is in the business of empowering women. This business model allows us to thrive and further enable us in our roles wives and mothers. Through this great business opportunity, we can create a platform for strong, confident, and graceful career female icons.

38, Selangor