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When I was an engineer, I had a hectic work schedule that eventually took a toll on my health. I was constantly tired and my skin was dull. I wanted to regain my health and my glow, and coincidentally, my friend, Master Coordinator Hasifah Mohd Yusof had the answers: Shaklee.

I first tried their ESP Soy Protein, Sustained Release Vita-C Plus, OmegaGuard and B Complex – the combination revived my energy levels and my skin! I instantly loved the Shaklee Effect, and knew it was in Shaklee I could trust.

After I gave birth in 2018, I continued to supplement with the Shaklee Joyful Journey Set — my wound healed faster and I was still energic like before. Even though I knew it would be a lot of work as a new mother, I decided to build the Shaklee business. While my child slept, I was working actively because I believed in the supplements I was taking.

As my Shaklee business expanded, so did my responsibilities and tasks. As I burned the midnight oil tending to my business and my child, Shaklee helped to keep my health at optimal levels with CINCH Shake, CINCH Tea Mix and Vivix.

I felt good inside and I looked good outside! I lost my “baby weight” and my skin looked great with YOUTH Skin care and Collagen Powder. I looked my best to face my prospects and customers. Being a mother is not a barrier to becoming successful. Instead, it is a motivation to be better than yesterday so that you can build a better tomorrow for your children.

34, Selangor